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  • Q1. What is
  • » Namaste service is an online gift shop established in the year 2011 with the objective to present proper service to decisive customer all across Nepal and around the globe. It is based totally on a service-oriented model that focuses on product delivery all along with different informative research related to business or any type of market. Ever since its establishment the company’s mission has been on maintaining a long term relationship with its customers and focusing on just one matter i.e. why we are here. The major services that Namaste Service performs are delivering online gift to your friends, family and relatives around the Nepal so that one could keep in touch with their loved ones on every moment of life. Similarly it also deals with advertisement of different business and product making sure that the advertisements and market are reached to the right audiences. It has its own saying “your choice our responsible” which means that, it is our responsible to deliver your choice of gift on time and all the time.
    The main focus of Namaste service is to build up a platform of connection with its customers around the globe with their family, friends and relatives through sending gifts on various occasions. It provides the product and service to their customer needed now and in the future, through regular updates system. It believe in making a long term relationship and earning trust of customers through guaranteed satisfaction, so it can serve again and again in future. Namaste service considers that "good service keeps customers, not contracts" and it should be handled by Network Administrators, not a "help desk", thus answers are given promptly and accurately. The entire customer just needs to click away at for their favorite treats.

  • Q2. How can I place order for delivery for my products?
  • Q3. What are the payment options for order delivery?
  • Q4. What currencies can I pay with for my order delivery?
  • Q5. Can I place my order of delivery anywhere?
  • Q6. Is it safe to pay through a credit card?
  • Q7. Is my personal information is safe with when I become membership of your organization?
  • Q8. What products can I order? Can I order products that are not included?
  • Q9. Can I get the delivery information for product on the day I choose?
  • Q10. Do you deliver all products on your website that has provided to all destinations in Nepal?
  • Q11. Can I revise my order delivery?
  • Q12. Are there any delivery charges?
  • Q13. Are there any packing charges?
  • Q14. How long does it take to deliver in Kathmandu?
  • Q15. How long does it take to deliver outside Kathmandu?
  • Q16. Can I get the confirmation of the delivery?
  • Q17. Can I cancel my order? Can I get refund if cancel my order?
  • Q18. Do you have a membership policy?
  • Q19. Where can I make my suggestions or complaints?

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